Friday, 14 September 2018

Monmouth Redoubt Historic Reserve Consultation

View north from Monmouth Redoubt, Undated, Postcard by unidentified photograoher
Image courtesy of Tauranga Heritage Collection, Hardy Collection
Tauranga City Council has commissioned a consultant to prepare a conservation plan for the Monmouth Redoubt Historic Reserve. A conservation plan is a "document that explains the significance of a site, identifies how that significance is vulnerable and sets out polices for retaining the significance in any new use, management regime or alteration." (Kate Clark)

Monmouth Redoubt and southern bank, pre-WW1, Postcard by unidentified photographer
The road that once connected The Strand to Cliff Road is seen clearly in this photograph.
Image courtesy of Tauranga Heritage Collection, Gifford Collection
On 24 July 2018, Tauranga Historical Society President Julie Green attended a workshop for stakeholders to discuss the plan, and the following day an open session gave the public an opportunity to discuss issues and concerns regarding the site. The conservation plan will be completed by the end of November.

In the mean time, if you are interested in contributing to the discussion, Tauranga City Council will shortly be adding a link to their ‘Have your say’ webpage at

A further public consultation session will be held at the BOP Vintage Car Club Hall on Cliff Road, Tauranga between 11am and 1pm on Wednesday 19 September. All who have interest in the Redoubt are welcome to attend.