Friday, 28 September 2018

Arthur Huia Honeyfield, by Max Avery

Book Review contributed by Gill Larsen
Arthur Huia Honeyfield, by Max Avery
published by John Charles Honeyfield under the auspices of the Tauranga Historical Society
Monograph Number One, 2016
Newcomers to Tauranga who are looking to explore the history of their new city, or long-time residents who have been part of its development, will enjoy this monograph of a man central to our story. Arthur Honeyfield’s journey ‘From the farm to the boardroom’ depended on the fertile land of the Bay of Plenty and his astute business activities. From a first position, as a new graduate, with stock and station agent Wright Stephenson, Honeyfield's varied career saw him involved in the management of poultry, vegetable provision for war supplies, forestry, dairying and avocados. He gave many years of service to the Bay of Plenty Harbour Board, key to employment and growth opportunities in both urban and rural Tauranga.

Honeyfield was a bit of a character, adventurous and bold in business and personal affairs. His flight logbook, necessary for his private pilot’s licence, shows some creative accounting. Employees describe a single-minded man whose wife Edith provided a caring influence. Always involved in local initiatives, Honeyfield was the unofficial ‘Mayor of Katikati’ in his later years.

Max Avery’s monograph includes generous images, each of which tells its own story. Throughout the text are names of men who contributed to the Tauranga in which we live. Their names are remembered on our buildings, reserves, businesses and street signs.

Copies are available from the society at $25.00 each. Please contact Julie Green.

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