Friday, 4 April 2014

The Mount Wharf

Pilot Bay, Mt. Maunganui, Tauranga, NZ
S.B 4

The first wharf at the Mount was a stone wharf built by volunteer labour in 1889. A contemporary newspaper describes a visit to the Mount by a working party of 40 in the 'Result' with others crossing under their own steam. Various materials and tools were donated by Tauranga residents and  a winch was installed to haul the boulders into place.It had a concrete decking, concrete steps at the end to make landing and embarking of passengers easier.

Mount Wharf, Tauranga, N.Z. 5661

Although very popular the boulder pier did not remain in service for very long, by 1894 there was a general demand for a bigger and better wharf at Mount Maunganui and on January 17, 1895 the Pilot Bay wharf situated also on Mauao itself, but a little westward of the boulder pier, was opened.

The stone wharf fell into disuse but was to remain as a memorial to the volunteers who built it.

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