Thursday, 3 April 2014

Sunday 6 April - Talk by Brigid Gallagher

April Meeting

Sunday 6 April 2014 - 2.00 pm

Talk by Brigid Gallagher - Digging the Mole

Tauranga Hotel's gone, and a great big slab of new building is going up, but we can still learn about what used to be there.

Don't miss internationally-known archaeologist Brigid Gallagher talking about what she found on the 'Grumpy Mole' - a.k.a. Tauranga Hotel - site. Come to the Society's monthly meeting in the hall, 233 Cameron Road, at 2 pm on Sunday 6 April. New members and guests especially welcome.

Brigid Gallagher is a local archaeologist who is a specialist in heritage and artefact conservation.  After leaving NZ and the Auckland Museum in 1998 she worked in archaeology across the British Isles and parts of Europe.  Following a number of years in the field assessing, evaluating and excavating 5,000 years of history she went back to University in Cardiff to specialise in Conservation for archaeology and museums.  This culminated in roles at the Catal hoyuk research project in Turkey and a position with the 'Time Team'.

Before heading back to NZ in 2008 she was conservation manager for a large archaeological consultancy and responsible for artefact care and conservation from excavations across the Republic of Ireland.

Since the return to NZ, she and her partner Raysan have set up a heritage and production company, MishMish, with have projects that cover archaeological assessment and excavation, analysis and conservation of archaeological and historic sites and artefacts, and interpretation and visualisation projects, the latest of which can be seen at

Since excavating the Tauranga Hotel site she has been excavating at Bethlehem and Katikati.

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