Tuesday, 6 August 2013

August 2013 Newsletter

Marquetry from cupboard in bedroom, Brain Watkins House
Monthly Society Meetings

Unless otherwise stated, all general meetings of the Society are held at 2.p.m. on the first Sunday of the month in the hall at the rear of the Brain Watkins House, followed  by afternoon tea.

4 August 2013 -  Our president Stephanie Smith will talk about “A few of my favourite things” – special items from the archives at the Tauranga Library. On this occasion the meeting will be held at the Okahukura Room on the first floor of the Library.

1 September 2013 -  Brigid Gallagher, late of the History Channel’s Time Team will tell us about her finds from below the Grumpy Mole, the site of three former Tauranga Hotels.

6 October  2013 -  Peter Vickers BDS (Defence Studies)  will speak on ‘Cameron, Grey and the Invasion of the Waikato’

3 November 2013 - to be advised.

New display cabinet in History Room, Brain Watkins House

Thanks to the generosity of a benefactor who prefers to remain anonymous, your Committee has been able to commission a display cabinet for the History Room. Some of the house's smaller treasures can now be displayed safely and attractively. Members are encouraged to come and have a look. Our very grateful thanks to the donor.

Cemetery Activities

The shorter days and colder weather have slowed the wet and forget spraying in Tauranga's historic cemeteries. Heather McLean and Fiona Kean have now completed several sprays of the Avenue's cemeteries and have begun the older section of the Pyes Pa cemetery.  They are happy to report that the 'Wet and Forget' is doing its job, and many of the inscriptions which had previously been obscured are now visible. Spraying will start again when the weather gets warmer.

The graves of Joseph and Kate Brain lie in the 17th Avenue Methodist cemetery. Their daughters Elva and Bessie are also buried in another row there.

Brain Family News

The death occurred in Hamilton in July of Arthur Joseph (Dick) McNaughton at the age of 94. He was the last surviving grandchild of Joseph and Kate Brain.  He served as a sergeant in the 2nd Expeditionary Force in WW2, and is included in the photograph with his brothers on the timeline in the History Room.

Email Newsletter Distribution

If you are continuing to receive your newsletter by snail mail, but have email, please advise the secretary at taurangahistorical@gmail.com, and further contact will be by that medium. 

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