Friday, 20 September 2019

Tauranga Boy Scouts

Tauranga Boy Scouts, Harington Street, 1910
Postcard, Image courtesy of Tauranga Heritage Collection, Ref. 0143/19

The first Tauranga Boy Scout Troop was formed on 27 May 1909 at a meeting that was led by Mayor Canon Jordan and Methodist Minister Rev. A.B. Chappell.  However, according to Alan Bellamy in Tauranga 1882-1982 almost immediately a difference in opinion led to the emergence of rival groups. The split appears to have been short lived as Mr. Pascoe who formed one of the groups left town a few months later.

It is recorded that this photograph, printed as a postcard, was taken in 1910 in Harrington Street. While the name of the Scout Master, just visible to the right, is not noted it seems likely to be Mr Seddon Hills, the leader of second troop.

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