Monday, 19 August 2019

Tauranga Firemen

Postcard by unknown photographer, November 1916
Image courtesy of Tauranga Heritage Collection, Ref. 0308/10

In November 1916 a devastating fire swept The Strand destroying eleven shops and the Commercial Hotel (today St. Amand and Cobb & Co are on the site). This photograph taken at the time of the fire and was turned into a postcard. It includes men from Tauranga’s Fire Brigade who battled the blaze. Names associated with the Brigade at this time included, F. Stewart, C. Guinness, J. E. Kelly, C. P. Hine, H. Wright, A. Stewart, J. Murphy and C. F. Washer.

In 2011 Helen Borrell, nee Hardy, shared her copy of this postcard with me. I was excited to see it had the following names recorded on the back:
Back Row: J. Padlie, C. Adams, Foster, A. Sorenson, V. Clark, Molly Hardy, Harnett, L. Norris, Rebecca Crabbe, Teasey, Teasey, Len Anquitil.
Front Row: A. Stewart, G. Faulkner, Eric Hammond, Unknown, Fred Stewart, P. Carter, Les Hamilton, Kitty Hardy, Laddie Hardy, Charles Clarence, Charles Hardy, Unknown, Dog

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