Friday, 19 July 2019

Changing Tauranga CBD

It is difficult to keep up with the number of older city centre buildings that have disappeared in the last year. While each building has a story which warrants being told, this post will simply acknowledge their departure from the city landscape by sharing photographs of their demolition.

73 Devonport Road (Taken from opposite side of Devonport Road), 8 June 2018
Kean Private Collection
This building was part of the Devonport Road building boom in the mid-1930s. Many complaints about congestion and parking were made to the Borough Council and reported in The Bay of Plenty Times. ‘With the completion of the new building adjoining us we anticipate a further congestion of motor traffic and feel justified in asking that your Council take steps immediately to remedy same.’ – 15 November 1934.

117-119 Devonport Road, October 2019 (taken from corner of First Avenue and Devonport Road), 11 October 1918
Kean Private Collection
Before Farmers occupied the entire site, older residents may remember the Devon Mall which had eighteen speciality shops and a central atrium that included a fountain.

136 Willow Street Tauranga (taken from corner of Spring and Willow Streets), 30 March 2019
Kean Private Collection
Originally known as the Dominion Building it was constructed in 1925 by Carl Johansen for the draper Mr A. Dagley.

55 The Strand, March 2019 (taken from Harrington House, corner Willow and Harington Streets), 12 March 2019
Kean Private Collection
On the corner of Hamilton Street and The Strand, this ‘ferro-concrete’ building was constructed in 1936 for Mrs Lamport of Hartley’s fame.

45 The Strand (taken from Harrington House, corner Willow and Harington Streets), 20 June 2019
Kean Private Collection
Designed by Harry Leslie Daniel West in 1936 this building appears to have been finished just prior to his death in May 1937. West was the Borough’s architect at the time.

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  1. I look forward to seeing more. Hope you have some photos from the last 10 years