Friday, 8 May 2015

Rose Garden, Pond & Fountain, Robbins Park

Rose Garden, Pond & Fountain, Robbins Park, 1968
Colour transparency from the Gale Collection, Ref. 1019
Image courtesy of Tauranga Heritage Collection
I wanted to see if I could take a photograph that looked just like this one and I think I have. The pond, statue, roses and fence are still there and haven’t changed at all.

Rose Garden, Pond & Fountain, Robbins Park, 2015
Photo by Charlie Colquhoun
Other things have changed. The trees have grown a lot and the houses over the road are gone and there is a new modern house there.

The water in the pond is really dirty compared to what it looks like in the old photo. There are no plants growing. I wonder if there used to be fish in it before? There definitely isn’t any fish in it now. I think it should be cleaned up.

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