Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Meccano and Fun Ho Toys

Meccano Model 7.2 Steam Roller, c. 1950s
Courtesy of the Katikati Heritage Collection
Included in the Katikati Heritage Museum's small collection of toys is this steam roller constructed entirely of Meccano parts.

Diagram of Steam Roller 1948 Model 7 from Meccano manual
Comparison with photographs of a similar model put together by Meccano afficionado Alan Esplen suggest that it was made to the design of a Model 7.2 Steam Roller included in the official Meccano manuals from 1948 to 1953.  There are a few small differences or modifications, necessitated no doubt by the absence of specific parts from the maker's collection, but the basics are almost identical.

Fun Ho die-cast toy Steam Roller
Courtesy of the Katikati Heritage Collection
Although Meccano also manufactured die-cast steam rollers under the Dinky brand, this particular toy steam roller was produced by the well known New Zealand firm Fun Ho based Inglewood from 1935 to 1982.

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