Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bottles by T.H. Hall, Cordial Manufacturer of Tauranga

T.H. Hall, Tauranga, clear glass codd-necked aerated water bottle and brown glass bottles
Katikati Heritage Museum collection
As regular readers of the Society's blog will have learnt last week, Katikati Heritage Museum's collection is going into temporary storage, in preparation for its eventual relocation in a new home, the former Katikati Fire Station. Over the next few weeks, the Society will have the privilege of featuring images of a small selection of items from the collection.  I am grateful to the Western Bay of Plenty District Council and the museum's manager, Paula Gaelic, and trustees for the opportunity to reproduce these photographs.

Bottle collection, displayed hanging in the Katikati Heritage Museum
The museum has a collection of several thousand bottles, many of which were previously displayed hanging on rails around both the ground floor and upper level of the museum.

T.H. Hall, Tauranga soda syphons
Katikati Heritage Museum collection
Among these are several examples from the firm of cordial manufacturer T.H. Hall, well known in Tauranga during the first half of the twentieth century.  Specimens include soda siphons, stoneware and brown glass ginger beer bottles, Codd-necked aerated water bottles and clear glass cordial bottles.

T.H. Hall, Tauranga, stoneware ink and ginger beer bottles
Ink bottle at left by Joseph Bourne, Denby Pottery (of Derbyshire, England)
Katikati Heritage Museum collection
In a previous article on this blog Jean Bennett wrote about the cordial manufacturer T.H. Hall who operated a business on a one acre section in Grey Street from around 1904 until his death in 1940.  Although owned by Innes Tartan Ltd, production continued under this name until 1972, when it moved to a new factory in Rotorua.

T.H. Hall, Tauranga, clear glass cordial bottles
Katikati Heritage Museum collection
All photographs by Brett Payne

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