Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Publish and Be Damned, a talk by Debbie McCauley (3 May 2015)

Tauranga author and librarian Debbie McCauley talked about the three books she has published under the name ‘Mauao Publishing’. One is a family history and the other two are children’s narrative non-fiction, one on the Battle of Gate and the other on the Rena Disaster.

Both children’s book have been nominated in the LIANZA Book Awards for the Elsie Locke non-fiction award. Debbie outlined her journey towards publishing, and then gave some information about how the process was undertaken, and some of the pitfalls to look out for.

Copies of the books may be ordered directly from Debbie McCauley on  (07) 577 7174

Three Tauranga books are Children's Book Awards Finalists (2015)

Mōtītī Blue and the Oil Spill: A Story from the Rena Disaster (2014) by Debbie McCauley

Taratoa and the Code of Conduct: A Story from the Battle of Gate Pā (2014) by Debbie McCauley

The McCauley Family of Katikati, New Zealand: 1876-2012

McCauley Family Reunion (2012) by Debbie McCauley

Author gifts books to Tauranga children, New Zealand Herald

Central TV

Katikati Cemetery Restoration

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